Roofing Contractor Certifications

What do certifications really tell you about a roofing contractor?


GF Sprague Roofing Contractor photoMany roofing contractors are proud to tell you about their licenses and certifications. But, like the contractors who carry them, not all certifications are alike. Some are good predictors of a contractor’s abilities, and can lower your risk of a having a bad experience. But other so-called “certifications” are misleading.

The following definitions will give you some valuable insight. Just remember, “All that glitters is not gold!”

Massachusetts DCAM Roofing Contractor Certification

GF Sprague DCAM certificationThe Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) is the state agency responsible for major public construction and real estate services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The agency promotes quality and integrity in the Commonwealth’s building construction and real estate operations. A DCAM certificate is the only one that qualified a roofing contractor for a specific trade, and a contractor must be recertified by DCAM every year. This makes It a good measure of the quality of a  roofing contractor.
Manufacturers’ Certifications

The best manufacturers want to ensure that their products are being properly installed, and put contractors through training, testing and (in some cases) retesting before granting certification. In many cases, manufacturer certification of the contractor is required in order for the product warranty to be valid. Many manufacturers also require contractors to receive refresher training and to update their certifications annually. Ask to see the manufacturers’ certifications before hiring a roofing contractor, and make sure your proposal includes everything required to prevent voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.
Massachusetts Construction License

GF Sprague certified home improvement contractorUnfortunately this license requires little knowledge and no prior experience specific to a certain trade (like roofing). The one-time test is based on general building code — solely new construction not reroofing — with few questions related specifically to roofing. Although your city or town may only require a Mass. Construction License for a roofer to purchase a permit, it doesn’t make the company qualified.
Home Improvement Contractor Registration (HIC)

The only requirement for this is that the contractor submit a registration form and pay into a fund. There is no qualifying or testing of the contractor’s knowledge or experience. Almost anybody can get this registration certificate.
Insurance Coverage Certificates

A certificate of insurance clearly defines the types of insurance carried by a contractor, including the coverage limits and expiration dates. Insist on seeing all certificates of insurance (workman’s compensation, liability, vehicle) before hiring any contractor. At GF Sprague, all of our insurance certificates are available upon request.

G.F Sprague’s Current Licenses & Certifications

* Various Manufacturer’s Installer’s Certificates and Licenses (We will show you the one that relates to your project.)
* Massachusetts Division of Asset Mgmt Certificate (DCAM) #08-0165
* Massachusetts State Contractors License: cs20976, with no restrictions
* Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor (H.I.C.) Registration 104531

In addition to our certifications and insurance coverage, GF Sprague is an active member of industry and business associations, including:

Better Business Bureau Certificate

GF Sprague Roofing - Accredited Better Busniness Bureau

National Roofing Contractor Association Certificate

GF Sprague Roofing - National Roofing Contrators Association Certificate

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